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In May, The Shonan Post starts a new editorial year! Please join us for our series on entitled Shonan Connections featuring trends, events, and opportunities in the Shonan area. Keep in touch with us at: <shonanpost.contact (at) gmail.com> and check back in the coming months to find out when the annual Kamakura International Festival is scheduled. We’ll show the date in the Bulletin Board (page 4) as soon as it is settled.


The Shonan Post
is a community paper brought to you by a volunteer staff. We meet and print at the Kamakura NPO Center and Fujisawa Shimin Katsudo Suishin Center. Article submissions and Bulletin Board items are run on a space-available basis and are due by the fifteenth for inclusion in the following month's issue. Subscriptions, accompanied by ¥1,200 in stamps (15 x ¥80), are welcome. Bulletin board items, news coverage requests, and general inquiries are accepted via e-mail: theshonanpost(at)hotmail.com or by post: KNT, PO Box 51, Fujisawa Post Office, Fujisawa 〒251-8799. Please allow at least two weeks for a response.

The Shonan Post Crew members are A. Harrington, J. Hendricks, Y. Hirakawa, K. Ichimura, S. Kagaya, M. Kimura, N. Kobayashi, H. Kubota, M. Kojima, T. Nii, J. Saito, M. Sakamoto, M. Sato, S. Suzuki, K. Takaku, Y. Terai, and F. Usami. Logo design by C. Ito.